LongLife Active

Branding identity, Web design

Longlife Active started as a project launched by Select Wellness, a company focused on health and activity. They describe it as a research based motivational program with digital support”. The program has been designed together with researchers and professors from several Swedish and international universities and it aims to strengthen public health. In 2022 they will launch an app with associated products that can be picked up in a box from a pharmacy. The program can be prescribed by a doctor as a way to prevent either physical and/or psychological health issues. The user join groups of other users that help keep each other motivated throughout the program. 

Exakta Creative was commissioned to help with communication,
to produce a visual identity and website. The identity was developed to show a combination of the credibility and weight that the research team gives the project and the motivation and community that the user finds in the group. Classic connotations to health and medical care is mixed with innovation and activity. Together it forms dynamic visual language that aims to arouse both interest and motivation.

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