Campaign, Identity

Brand strategy and identity for the newly established brand Dangarden. A newly launched furniture company that produces authentic, high-quality outdoor furniture tailored for the Nordic climate. Despite the high quality, the furniture maintains a relatively low price. However, this should not be reflected in the communication. The goal of the Dangarden launch is to establish a new Scandinavian classic. Therefore, I drew inspiration from the classic, reputable Scandinavian furniture manufacturers, primarily the Danish ones. I developed an identity that, like the furniture, was intended to stand the test of time.

The Nordic climate plays a prominent role in the communication. The harsh and inhospitable nature of autumn, combined with the soft and warm aspects of summer, is reflected in the choice of colors, minimalist design language, and graphic elements. The imagery aims to portray a true picture of the environment the furniture is intended for, showcasing how it can be used in rain, sunshine, and snow alike.